Sustainability within the Apparel Industry

Sustainable fashion and sustainability within the apparel industry is the practice of manufacturing, producing, and dyeing apparel with a lower environmental impact than the typical garment. Sustainable practices and options are becoming more popular to address the impact that the apparel industry has on our environment. However, the apparel industry was and is still one of the highest contributing industries to waste, pollution, and water/energy consumption. One of the biggest issues when it comes to the apparel/fashion industry is "Fast Fashion". The term "Fast Fashion" refers to mass produced garments made and sold cheaply typically to respond to trends within the industry. These garments are not made to last and result in a significant amount of waste both within the production cycle and after the...

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How many times have you dreamt of becoming the person you always wanted to be or pursuing something you were passionate about but the dream seemed so far away that it was impossible to reach? And to add onto that, no matter how bad you felt like you wanted it, it was too overwhelming to take the first step and get started. Well, you are not alone. The first step is to acknowledge that you want it, that you want more in life, and to define what that looks like for you. It's okay to want more in life and it's okay to pursue it too but you have to understand that it will take hard work and perseverance to make it a reality. There are going to be people who won't believe...

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3 Secrets to Successful Goal Setting

Happy 2021! As we work on our New Year’s Resolutions, we understand it is easy to fall off the commitment and determination you had from the beginning of the year (and from exactly one year ago!). We wanted to share with you our favorite tips for staying on the grind and creating long-lasting change! 1: Take things one day at a time. Whether your goal is to lose weight or start a new business — stay ambitious and DREAM BIG! But nothing is ever achieved in one step. Try breaking your resolutions into smaller, more attainable goals throughout the year. It’s more fun to check off multiple boxes than one! 2: Establishing an honest and healthy purpose for your goals....

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