How many times have you dreamt of becoming the person you always wanted to be or pursuing something you were passionate about but the dream seemed so far away that it was impossible to reach? And to add onto that, no matter how bad you felt like you wanted it, it was too overwhelming to take the first step and get started. Well, you are not alone.

The first step is to acknowledge that you want it, that you want more in life, and to define what that looks like for you. It's okay to want more in life and it's okay to pursue it too but you have to understand that it will take hard work and perseverance to make it a reality. There are going to be people who won't believe in you because they are self imposing what they perceive as their potential onto you as your potential. And many times it's not done with any ill intent, they just can't grasp what you see in your vision of the future and that is also okay!

YOU are the only person who can define YOUR potential. And that potential CAN be limitless as long as you choose to believe it is.

No matter what goals you set for yourself, the path to achieving them is going to be clouded with uncertainty and filled with challenges. It's also natural to have a ton of questions in the back of your head both in regards to how you will actually reach your goals and your capability in achieving them. But as you start to take action one step at a time, put in the work, and face each of your challenges with the conviction to overcome it, the uncertainty will start to fade as answers to your questions reveal themselves to you.

Keep in mind that no one, no matter how successful they are, has all of the answers and you won't need to either. It's important to understand that fact because it is easy to be overwhelmed by the expectation that you need to know everything about what you are pursuing (whether it's your hustle, your passion, or the field of business you're in) when that's just not true. Instead, build out your network, seek to collaborate, and utilize resources where you can to save yourself the time and stress of learning and doing everything yourself.

Making your dreams a reality calls for you to rise to the occasion and ASCEND. It requires you to seek out what is uncomfortable, navigate through uncertainty, and overcome difficult challenges. Your journey is not going to be easy, but as you continue to take steps forward and learn from each of your setbacks, you will eventually achieve your goals and reach your dreams. 👊🏻

The inspiration behind our newest design, ASCEND, was to create a visual representation of the narrative above to empower individuals who have these big goals and dreams to not be intimidated by them, but instead to go out and pursue them. It's a design that represents the story of what many individuals have faced and experienced while working towards their goals and building out their dreams. And on top of that, the design also serves a reminder that despite how daunting our goals and dreams may seem to us at this moment in time, every step we take will bring us closer to achieving them!

And a huge huge shoutout to our designer, Cleana, who brought the idea in my head to life and created this amazing design. If you haven't had a chance to check her out or check out her other work yet, I'll have the links down below for you!

Designer: CLEANA

Instagram - @cle__fairy Twitch - cle_fairy

Cleana: "The message of ASCEND reminded me of a protagonist in a comic book so I wanted to give the design that kind of graphic novel feel where you feel like the main character!"

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