Our Core Values

We're on a mission to help individuals take control of their lives and create their own path. Through apparel we aim to create a community of action takers who aren't afraid of taking a stand for their goals and to set new standards for the industry. If you could relate to any of that, read through our values to see if you're in the right place!

Lead By Example

The only way to lead is to lead from the front. We work to inspire and teach others through actions, not words. We take initiative to solve problems, complete tasks, and to help others. WE set the standard for others to follow.

Stay Humble

Practice humility. Our accomplishments and achievements were made possible by those who helped us along the way. We give credit where credit is due and we do not take credit away from others.

Accept Responsibility

We take ownership of our actions, responsibilities, and complete our tasks as we said we would. Instead of shifting blame when we see an issue or make a mistake, we take it upon ourselves to see it through to its resolution.

Be Selfless

Give to others without expectations. Help build other people up and support them out of the goodness of your heart and not for your personal gain. We grow together by bringing each other up.

Be a Lifetime Student

Be open minded and learn from every experience and everyone you come in contact with. Each and every person has something they can teach you so take advantage of knowing that. We understand that there is always greater, always more, and we continue to absorb the knowledge around us.


Believe in FREESTYLE's mission and believe that we mean it when we say we're going to be a positive force in the world while we work to change it. Believe in us and believe in yourself to make a difference with us.