Our Story

 Derek Ting is the founder of FREESTYLE Apparel. He realized early on that the way society was dictating success for the individual held them back from pursuing what they wanted in life and from reaching their potential. He also noticed that many individuals were frustrated with their work and were unable to find fulfillment in what they did. How can society define success for the individual when success is and always will be for the individual to define for themselves.

Trying to find a solution to the problem combined with his passion to help people, he founded FREESTYLE. FREESTYLE is a lifestyle brand with the mission of empowering individuals to go out and pursue their dreams and passions. But the mission of the brand expands beyond empowerment, it’s also dedicated to make a change to the future of the environment by starting with providing high quality 100% eco-friendly products.

"Life is too short to live it for someone else. Take control, take action, and let's move forward together." #FREEYourSTYLE